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Challenges Faced by Disabled Workers in the Job Market: A Closer Look

Marie is disabled. At first glance, it’s impossible to guess. And on the job market, the Bastiaise, looking for a job in the administration, clearly sees the difference in perception: “There are many more difficulties than ease. I suffered a lot of discrimination and harassment as soon as it was known that I had an RQTH. Whether employers or colleagues.

The RQTH is the recognition of the status of disabled worker, a status which is supposed to promote the integration of these people into the labor market. But as with Mary, it sometimes has the opposite effect. “It’s always complicated, yes“, notes Michèle Bellerini, advisor at A2I, the employment agency for temporary integration and inclusion, whose job is precisely to promote the hiring of disabled workers. Which “need social remobilization. The idea here is to create a first contact between employers and job seekers. It also allows you to put a face to a disability.

The law requires, in theory, employers to hire 6% disabled workers. The 6%? “A false debate“, according to Michel Prosic, the prefect of Haute-Corse, who believes that “the real subject is competence and desire. And then comes, if necessary, the adaptation“But establishing a legal framework allows”everyone to have the chance to reach the finish line at the same time“, estimates the prefect.

Twice as many days of unemployment for these people

In Corsica, between 2020 and 2021, the number of job seekers fell by 5.5%. But among these job seekers, 8.2% were beneficiaries of the employment obligation (a status which favors the hiring of people recognized as disabled, disabled or in a situation of incapacity). And for these people, the change was only 0.6% downward between 2020 and 2021. They notably remain registered as unemployed for 602 days on average, compared to 360 days for general job seekers. This data comes from the Association for the Management of the Fund for the Integration of Disabled People (Agefiph).


A sign that mentalities are still struggling to change, an entire day is dedicated on Wednesday to raising awareness of the management of people with disabilities. This does not mean that these must be managed differently from others, points out Isabel De Moura, the regional director of Economy, employment, work and solidarity (DREETS): “No, it is the stereotypes of employers that must be removed.

And from society: “A person in a wheelchair is how everyone sees disabled people, regrets Isabel De Moura. Even though they only represent one percent of disabled people in France.“However, nothing is insurmountable, whether the handicap is visible or not:”In 90% of cases, there is no need to adapt a position for a disabled person“, attests Valérie Bercegol-Doncarli, professional integration advisor at Cap Emploi. “I met a gentleman this afternoon who wants to become a warehouse worker, but he can’t carry heavy loads“, reports Naomi Olivieri, recruitment manager for Eureka, a temporary employment and integration structure. “I put him in touch with a potential employer who is aware of having to take this arrangement into account. They are in discussion.“*

Live my life as a prefect?

Thursday is “Duoday”, in other words allowing a person with a disability to discover, for a day, the daily life of a professional. Concretely, job seekers will be able to spend a full day with a cleaning professional, immersed in a DIY store or within the Corte gendarmerie. France 3 Via Stella will also open its doors to introduce people to the profession of sound editor. And the prefect Michel Prosic is committed “for the next year“to create the conditions for a prefect’s “Live my life.”My pleasure. And without fail, he promised when the idea began to germinate among the Cap Emploi advisors, whom he had come to greet. But this Thursday, it will not be possible, because it is something that is being prepared.“Future prefects of Haute-Corse, to your CVs!

27th European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities in Bastia: the full program is online ici.

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