“Cenomy Device: Communication Revolution for Polyhandicap Children at Madame De Montchalin les Buissonniers”

He will celebrate his 10th birthday next September. The establishment for children and adolescents with multiple disabilities Madame De Montchalin les Buissonniers, located in Poisvilliers, less than 10 km north of Chartres, is an establishment specializing in the day care of children and adolescents with multiple disabilities aged 3 to 20 years. This establishment is part of the Adapei28 Les Papillons blancs network in Eure-et-Loir. It has 41 beneficiaries supervised by 32 staff.

Polyhandicap, little known to the general public, combines motor, intellectual and sensory disabilities. These children, with a rare disability, have a profound intellectual deficiency, impaired communication skills, a lack or an overflow of sensoriality and a very short life expectancy.

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A small revolution

As explained, Wednesday, May 24, Claire Schramm, the head of the childhood department, “it is sometimes complicated to communicate with these children since they only respond to proposals made by the supervisors”. But a small revolution is emerging. On the instructions of the Raymond-Poincaré hospital in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine), which had conducted conclusive trials on a 10-year-old boy welcomed into Adapei 28, the establishment tested, out of ten children, the Cenomy device that allows you to “talk with your eyes”.

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Eight of them have gathered the skills required to benefit from it. Cenomy is a touchscreen tablet which has an eye control and which allows children who cannot speak to communicate with their eyes. It is through images, pictograms, already acquired, that these young people, with “a visual pointing” will be able to share their desires, their emotions. In the end, to gain autonomy.

But this tablet has other advantages. It makes it possible to offer a personalized follow-up for each child, because 80 profiles can be saved there. It is also a diagnostic aid that makes it possible to detect and develop cognitive skills that were hitherto barely detectable by the staff who accompany these children and adolescents on a daily basis.

Céline Bertrand, director of the children’s division, underlines, with enthusiasm:

“Being able to communicate no longer makes these children polyhandicapped. This opens up the field of possibilities. »

A tablet to communicate with the eyes

The other side of the coin, this machine has a cost: 8,300 €, sum which includes the purchase of the device and the training of the personnel. It is in this context that the Lions Club Chartres Jean Moulin is organizing a fair on Saturday, in partnership with Karting de Chartres, part of the funds raised will be used to finance the Cenomy device (see opposite). The president of the association, Hervé Neirizi, as well as Céline Bertrand and Claire Schramm are determined to multiply actions of this kind in order to be able to equip the establishment with this technological tool which “promises to revolutionize the daily lives of these children within of Adapei 28”.

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