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Celebrity News: Khaled Al-Dhahabi’s New Film “Al-Harifa” Screening Celebration and Family Reunion

Source: Agencies


Khaled Al-Dhahabi, the son of the singer Asala, celebrated the screening of his new film, “Al-Harifa,” in which he stars alongside Nour Al-Nabawi, the son of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi, and a large number of young actors.
Through it, he embodies the character of a young man who loves football and seeks to win an international championship.

Al-Dhahabi topped the “trend” during the past two days, after he appeared in the special show accompanied by his brothers Adam and Ali, the two sons of his mother’s ex-husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, as they were keen to support him, especially after his mother and sister Sham Al-Dhahabi, who celebrated the birth of her baby, Jihan, were absent from the ceremony in the past few days. past.

After the spread of pictures of Khaled, with Adam and Ali, and his keenness to embrace them all the time, a large number of social media users praised the good relationship between Al-Dhahabi and Al-Erian, even after his separation from his mother, after disagreements arose between them, which reached the point of being accused of treason.

Al-Dhahabi confirmed – during his statements on the sidelines of the ceremony – that he did not necessarily have feelings of hatred for Al-Arian, because of his separation from his mother, but he gave him two of his most favorite people, Adam and Ali, and he also lived with him for about 14 years, that is, more than half his life, and described him. He ended his speech with the title “A great man,” indicating that disagreements occur in all families, and separation does not mean enmity.

It is noteworthy that Asala separated from Al-Erian in 2019, after they announced their marriage in 2006, and they gave birth to their twins, Adam and Ali. Several months after their divorce, each of them announced their relationship with another person, as Al-Erian married the “model” Nicole Saafan, while Asala became linked to the Iraqi poet Faiq Hassan.

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