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CEIP Our Sea Holds Second-Hand Book Market to Promote Recycling and Sustainability

Read and buy books second-hand is an example of recycling, sustainability and awareness about the importance of giving things a second life. And they have that very clear in the CEIP Our Sea from Ceuta, which has been occasionally carrying out a jumble sale of used books.

They are always very well received and that is why they do not hesitate to organize this activity on various occasions. throughout the academic year.

And now, with the arrival of the new year, it has returned. This Wednesday and Thursday a new edition of the book market looking for a second home will take place.

With the money raised they will renew the titles of the downtown library

It will be installed at the door of the educational center at 1:30 p.m., coinciding with the departure of the students so that parents can also be part of this initiative.

Regarding the books that are displayed for sale, the school explains that these are copies that “fall into disuse in the library or books that are donated to us” either by families, students or anyone.

All of them are sold for a “symbolic” price so that families can have books for their libraries within reach,” they detail.

In this way, they will find books for only fifty cents or one euro, being affordable for all students and being able to continue promoting reading among the little ones, regardless of their financial resources.

Furthermore, with the money raised from this book market looking for a second home, the CEIP Mare Nostrum takes the opportunity to buy new material and renew the shelves of its library with new titles that attract the eyes and attention of the center’s students.

This initiative allows families to find books within everyone’s reach.

As indicated, this activity will take place on the porch of the educational center “after school, at 1:30 p.m., this Wednesday and Thursday.”

In this way, the Early Childhood and Primary School invites all “people who want” to come to the book market and collaborate with this initiative.

When it takes place at dismissal time, the doors of the center will be open to all citizens and not only students and their families can come to buy a book, but also anyone who is interested in renewing their shelves with second-hand books. that hide many stories between their pages.

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