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Christina Block Custody Dispute: Did She Have Her Children Kidnapped?

Christina Block Did she have her children kidnapped? That’s what her lawyer says

Christina Block

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The custody dispute between Christina Block and her ex-husband Stephan Hensel has been at its climax for a few days. After the children were kidnapped from Denmark, they are now back with their father. But who originally ordered the kidnapping?

Since 2021 must Christina Block, 50, lives without her youngest children Klara, 13, and Theodor, 10. Stephan Hensel kept the two of them with him after a stay together in Denmark. She never made a secret about how difficult this was for the entrepreneur. On New Year’s Eve, the 13-year-old and the ten-year-old were kidnapped – Christina Block stated shortly afterwards that the children were with her. Her lawyer now emphasizes that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Christina Block had nothing to do with the kidnapping

There are all sorts of stories circulating about what happened to the block children on New Year’s Eve. Stephan Hensel is said to have been beaten up during the attack, and Klara and Theodor were kidnapped. And brought to Germany, as it turned out shortly afterwards. Speculation quickly grew that the 50-year-old had had her children brought back to Germany. However, that is impossible, emphasizes her lawyer Otmar Kury. “It was reported in two print and live media outlets that she had stated this to a senior public prosecutor,” explains Kury in the RTL interview. He adds: “That is untrue and incorrect. That is an untruthful statement. The public prosecutor’s office, which is also obliged to respond to press inquiries in accordance with the press law, will also confirm on these points that this was never the case.”

“He kept hugging her” Christina Block’s lawyer reveals: Her son wanted to stay with her


“It wasn’t Ms. Block”

The lawyer doesn’t want to speculate about who kidnapped the children. The only thing that is certain to him is: “Who that [Anm. d. Red.: die Entführung] ultimately did, we will clarify. It wasn’t Ms. Block.”

The children are now back in Denmark. Block’s lawyer had to take her personally to the police station in Rahlstedt on January 5th. Not an easy situation, even for the experienced lawyer. Especially because he overheard Block’s son stressing that he wanted to stay with his mother in Germany. “[Theodor] was asked by another lawyer who was also there whether the boy would like to stay here. He said yes,” Kury recalls.

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