Cécile Bois (Candice Renoir): Who is her husband Jean-Pierre Michaël?

A televised love … but not quite! Cécile Bois, whom we know among other things to be the heroine of the police series Candice Renoir for seven years, met her husband years ago on a film set. Their love is not fictitious, however. In 2003, the actress crossed paths with Jean-Pierre Michaël as they both joined Mimie Mathy in the episode Compteur à zero of Joséphine, guardian angel – season 7, episode 2. Then one thing causing a other, they said “yes” in 2016 for better and for worse. They have since formed a relatively ideal blended family!

Jean-Pierre Michaël was indeed the father of two children, a boy and a girl, before falling in love with Cécile Bois. Together, they had two daughters who get along very well with their elders. They are now 10 and 8 years old. “I think they helped me get along with my daughter-in-law,” mom explained in 2019 to TV Grandes Chaînes. I was also very moved to see my stepchildren also spontaneously accept the arrival of two little sisters. As they are older, I can sometimes ask them for advice on a feeling or their memories of a situation that I am going through as a mother, and that they have known as children. “

Television is a family affair. Jean-Pierre Michaël, who we often see on the small screen, is also crazy about stage boards … and a great dubbing specialist! He is the French voice of Brad Pitt, Ethan Hawke, Keanu Reeves and Michael Fassbender. On several occasions, he encountered Cécile Bois in front of and behind the cameras. He joined the adventures of Candice Renoir in 2014, then in 2019. And he is not the only one!

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Quentin, Jean-Pierre Michaël’s son – and therefore the step-son of the heroine of the France 2 show – also got a small role. “He was in a comedy school when I noticed that the role of my daughter’s boyfriend in the series would suit him,” said Cécile Bois. I offered to take the tests, to get him started. Two months later, the producer told me that he was detained. Hopefully this experience with stepmother brings him luck for the future…

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World news – Cécile Bois (Candice Renoir): Who is her husband Jean-Pierre Michaël?

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