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Ceasefire Talks in Cairo: Israel and Hamas Negotiate Under Egypt’s Mediation

Jerusalem ∙ Peace talks will be held today in Cairo under the mediation of Egypt for a ceasefire in Gaza. Israeli and Hamas delegations will attend. It is reported that Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani and the director of the US spy agency, Bill Burns, will participate.

The discussion is in the context of the UN Security Council’s ceasefire resolution passed on March 25. Hamas is expected to repeat its demands for a permanent ceasefire, the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for hostages, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces recovered the body of one of the hostages from Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. The dead body of farmer Ilad Katsir (47), who had requested his release 3 months ago in a video message, was found. The Israeli army announced that it had recovered the body that had been hidden in January.

Hamas had earlier released his mother, who was held hostage with Katsar. Hamas took 250 hostages on October 7. Israel estimates that there are 129 more hostages in Gaza. Six months into the war in Gaza, Israel remains internationally isolated. Within the country, sentiment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is running high. In recent days, thousands have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv demanding Netanyahu’s resignation.

The demand for general elections in September is strong. More than 33,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, in addition to the loss of lives of humanitarian workers, and the West and the US, which supplies Israel with armfuls of weapons, are displeased. It is also reported that the UAE has temporarily suspended aid coordination with Israel.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah, backed by Iran, continues its attacks on Israel’s northern Gaza Strip. Yemen’s Houthis also attack cargo ships in the Red Sea. Last week’s attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus raised fears that the conflict could spread across the Middle East.

Netanyahu had two goals in front of him when he attacked Gaza on October 7. Eliminate Hamas. Free the hostages safely. The fact that Hamas may have waned, but that Hamas has not fallen and more than 100 hostages remain without release, is a setback for Netanyahu.

Gaza War 6 Months (October 7 – April 7)

Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks after October 7, 2023

Gaza: 33,137

West Bank : 456

October 7: Hamas attack in southern Israel

Killed in Israel: 1,200

Death toll in Lebanon: 343 (Hezbollah-Israel conflict)

Health workers killed in Gaza: 484

Journalists killed in Gaza: 95

Casualties: ∙ Palestine (Gaza): 75,815

Palestine (West Bank) : 4,750

Palestinians who lost their homes in Gaza: 17 lakhs

Israeli citizens evacuated from southern and northern Israeli borders: 90,000

∙ There has been no electricity and water supply for 6 months. According to the World Bank and the UN, the loss of infrastructure due to the war in Gaza is about 18.5 billion dollars, 72% of which is due to the destruction of houses.

∙ Hospitals in Gaza total 36. Partially functional: 10 (84% of hospitals and health facilities destroyed.) Education system completely destroyed (6.25 million students in Gaza without school)

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