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Ceasefire: Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate on Monday night. The picture was taken on 8 August.

Late on Sunday evening, a cease-fire was concluded in Israel and in Gaza. On Monday morning, it appears that the ceasefire is still being observed.


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The ceasefire comes after three days of violence, bombings and rocket attacks. Egypt is said to have helped negotiate the agreement.

It was uncertain for a while whether the agreement would be upheld, when there were reports of new attacks and air raid sirens went off.

But around midnight Norwegian time it quieted down, and early Monday it still appears that the ceasefire is being held, writes AFP.

Palestinians in Gaza celebrated the cease-fire last night. According to The Times of Israel, they are hailing the slain leaders of Islamic Jihad as martyrs and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.

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A ceasefire was originally expected to come into force at 19.00 Norwegian time on Sunday evening.

Just before 19:00, however, local health authorities reported that a further ten people had been killed in Gaza. Four children are said to be among those killed.

Thus, a total of 41 people will have been killed as a result of Israel’s attack this weekend. In addition, 311 injured people have been reported.

In response to Israel’s bombing, the Islamic Jihad militant group has fired hundreds of rockets into the country. Two Israelis have been wounded in the attacks.

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ATTACK: Rockets fired from the northern part of the Gaza Strip, seen from Israel’s side of the border. The picture was taken on 7 August 2022.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, the airstrikes in recent days were carried out against the background of “direct threats” from the Islamic Holy War.

But this conflict has been going on for decades.

Middle East expert and professor of history at the University of Oslo, Hilde Henriksen Waage, says to VG that there is no solution to the conflict in sight.

– Neither Israel nor Palestine has achieved anything in the world. Everything gets worse. There is no solution in sight, nor are there any attempts at long-term solutions. There is only conflict this time too, and over 30 civilians have been killed for nothing, says Waage.

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