“Red Farmer”: Farmers help the fire brigade in the Main-Spessart district

The drought is a problem – also for many farmers. At any time, a combine harvester can catch fire or start a fire on the bone-dry meadows and fields. These fires often happen outside of built-up areas and are therefore far away from fire-fighting water hydrants. In these cases, the fire brigades are instructed to lay long hose lines or to have the extinguishing water brought to the scene of the fire by the farmers – for example via liquid manure barrels or tank trailers.

To the article: Due to drought and heat – authorities warn farmers

Automatic alert

This gave the District Fire Inspectorate of Main-Spessart the idea for the “Red Farmer” campaign: Farmers are asked to register their liquid manure tanks or tank trailers. In the event of a fire, farmers can be informed quickly by the integrated control center in Würzburg. “The farmers are alerted – without stress for us. The local fire brigade can concentrate entirely on extinguishing the fire,” emphasizes the district fire chief and inspection spokesman Benedict Rottmann to BR24.

Farmers help for free

The fire-fighting water capacities are significantly larger for farmers than for fire brigades. For example, a fire engine fire engine usually holds 5,000 liters, but there are farmers with tank trailers for up to 20,000 liters. “You can do a lot more with it,” says Rottmann. The farmers have always helped to provide the fire-fighting water on a voluntary basis and without any financial compensation. Now they are officially doing it. In return, the farmers receive stickers for their vehicles that identify them as “Red Farmers” and bear the motto “I help the helpers”.

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