World Casaleggio three hours from Conte. M5S divided on...

Casaleggio three hours from Conte. M5S divided on the axis with the Pd at the ballot box


Almost three hours of conversation at Palazzo Chigi with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. A fundamental junction for the immediate future of the Movement. Davide Casaleggio lands in Rome for a blitz that aims to define the next five-star horizon. Thick agenda. Media spotlight for the meeting with Conte, but a few hours before the president of Rousseau sees Alessandro Di Battista and the members of the M5S platform, Enrica Sabatini and Pietro Dettori at Testaccio. Then meet in the Senate. And this morning the decisive round with Luigi Di Maio to understand if possible to heal the differences between governors and movementists. However the eye of the hurricane the first visit of the Milanese businessman in two years of M5S government to Palazzo Chigi. Casaleggio at the end of the face-to-face with the premier jokes: We talked a bit about everything. But the reality that the river summit served to unravel personal issues between the two, to tell the plan for Italy of the Gianroberto Casaleggio Association (uninvited to the general States of the government) and to put the Gordian M5S knots on the table: leadership and alliances.

The absence of Beppe Grillo

And above all on the second point there would be the divergence between Conte, who has publicly pushed for a yellow and red axis in the Regionals (not doing it would be a defeat for everyone), and Casaleggio, reluctant to the idea. The founder (together with Di Maio) of the association on which the Current movement asks for a change of pace. And above all he asks for one thing: respect for the rules. Which means moving from Rousseau for the axis to the Regionals, a choice that the governors press to dribble. A stumbling block that the President of Rousseau believes it is necessary to face both to legitimize the choice and to avoid appeals from those who in theory already have a place on the list. To weigh in the trip to Casaleggio also the absence of Beppe Grillo, a way – as evidenced by the former ideologue M5S Paolo Becchi – as if to mark a distance. The guarantor, from what transpires, would be ready to underline (to parliamentarians and not only) the need for an axis with the dems everywhere (along the lines of the governors), highlighting after the stop to the choice of the new leader another element of fracture with Casaleggio .

Caution on the meeting

Among the Five Stars there is the idea that an acceleration is more than ever before. There are those who speak of necessary changes before the Augustan break and those who continue to suggest the possibility of splits after a possible defeat in the Regionals. Certainly, the Roman blitz of Casaleggio has left its mark. So much so that on parliamentarians’ chats – as theAdnkronos – attacks on the entrepreneur rage: Yesterday with Di Battista, today with Conte … but in what capacity?!. Words that the other wing of the Five Stars sarcastically collects: Casaleggio will not have seen it because some are glued to the armchair. The same Conte in the evening from Lisbon shows caution on the meeting. Casaleggio asked me for a meeting, he told me that he would like to present a project in honor of his father, we touched the regional ones but we did not discuss regional strategies. I respect the decisions of the parties on the competitions that will be in September. I only made a wish when the political forces will appear divided while the opposition forces will appear united. But I do not intend to take the Movement by the jacket, says the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the summit irritates Italy alive. Inopportune meeting states MEP Giusy Occhionero.

July 7, 2020 (change July 7, 2020 | 10:56 pm)



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