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Can apps help you not forget to take your medications?


The University of Michigan School of Medicine indicates that approximately 50% of people do not take their medications as prescribed

  • 07/07/2020
  • 15:19 hrs.

How to avoid forgetting to take pills? It is no secret that people who take medicines they often have complications in knowing how and when to take them, especially if they have regimens complicated. The School of Medicine from the University of Michigan indicates that approximately 50% of people do not take their medicines as prescribed and that skipping a dose may seem harmless but have a long-term effect.

What day did this pill touch me?

There are several easy solutions to remember taking the medicine, but according to the School of Medicine the Harvard, the solution for these people could be in their hands, and more specifically, on their cell phone.

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The National Alliance on Mental Illness aim what to forget to drink medicines may be related to the number of times a day that prescription is prescribed medicine and that the more often the medication is prescribed, the more likely it is that you will forget to take it.

How to avoid forgetting to take pills?: The solution could be in our cell phones

First of all, it is important to know why it is important to keep a list of what you are taking. A study published in BMJ reports that carrying lists of medicines can improve the security of medicines by facilitating communication about medicines with doctors, act as an aid to patients during appointments, allow patients to verify their medicines looking for mistakes and reminding them to take them and reorder them according to their doctor’s instructions.

Now the School of Medicine the Harvard points that the use of apps downloaded on a cell phone can help people to keep to the schedule of their medicines.

According to this school, nine controlled trials were analyzed that included approximately 1,000 middle-aged and older adults with chronic conditions such as cardiovascular problems, Parkinson’s or depression.

“People who used apps to help them take medications were twice as likely to report sticking to a regimen compared to people who didn’t use apps,” says Harvard Medical School.

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3 easy ways to remember taking medicine:

The School of Medicine from the University of Michigan recommends these Steps so you don’t forget to take your medicines:

1) Turn the boat pills: Turn the bottle upside down when you have already ingested the pill and rotate it before you go to sleep as a reminder that tomorrow you will have to start again.

2) Routine: Take your medicines at the same time every day. Depending on the indications of your doctor and the time of separation between the taking of each one. Some may coincide with morning meals or coffee, after bathing or brushing your teeth, or at bedtime. In this way, every time you do one of those activities you will know that you have a specific pill.

3) Leave notes: You can put them on your nightstand or in the bathroom mirror, it is also useful to get a dry erase board, write down the medicines that you should take every day and erase them as those shots go by. Just remember to put them back on your calendar.



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