Caroline van Eeden reacts to ‘brawl’ with Maxime Meiland | Entertainment

entertainment“>”It is difficult to remain respectfully silent when you hear and read what is being said,” writes Caroline on Instagram. “This is about me personally and therefore also affects me, there are always two sides to the story.”

entertainment“>She continues: “I choose to keep this private & remain respectful. That is my choice and I will stick with it. I wish the Meiland family all the best, life is about learning and hopefully self-reflection. I focus on the future. ”


entertainment“>Martien Meiland reveals in his biography Martien how the bomb between Maxime and Caroline at the chateau in France burst. When the 24-year-old expressed dissatisfaction with the former family friend’s mood swings, Caroline is said to have called her ‘a box’. Maxime then threw a wine glass at Caroline.

entertainment“>From that moment on, a brawl broke out between the two. “Then it became a kind of fighting. But yes, if you have a woman like that… It is like someone of 80. You really are not going to hit her face, even if you hate her that much. But she put her nails in my arm, I still have scars from it ”, says Maxime.

entertainment“>“I had blood. Scratches ”, she continues. “And to make matters worse, she said, ‘I’m not going anywhere, I’m staying.’ I say: ‘If you don’t get out of here right away, I will tyfine all your stuff down. But you are leaving now. ‘”Shortly afterwards Caroline decided to go back to the Netherlands.

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