Capcom Releases Street Fighter 6: World Tour, Battle Lobby, and Fighting Land Now Available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam

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TokyoJune 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today Capcom officially released Street Fighter 6, a new work in the Street Fighter series. In addition to the traditional fighting mode “Fighting Land”, this game also adds “World Tour” suitable for single-player games, and “Battle Lobby” suitable for online games. There are three wonderful game modes in total. Experienced players will find it hard to stop. Before the game kicks off, don’t miss a special trailer hosted by rapper Lil Wayne.

“Street Fighter 6” will be officially released on June 2, 2023

world tour

In this single-player mode full of immersive RPG elements, players can create their own avatar and explore various areas of the Street Fighter world. As the story progresses, players will meet legendary characters who appeared in the “Street Fighter” series, and they can learn from them as their teachers, so as to form their own unique fighting style and write their own fighting stories!

Battle lobby

Users can use the avatar created in “World Tour” to meet and communicate with players from all over the world, fight against other players in the arcade, go to the game center to experience other Capcom classic games, and form their own team to explore endless gameplay.

fighting place

This classic mode brings a new battle system, and also adds a lot of new features, such as the modern operation method suitable for novices, and you can use a nirvana with just one button; Can use special battle rules and gameplay.

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Character introduction video

Check out the official Capcom channel for intro videos and guides for the 18 available characters!

Official YouTube channel:

Free trial version

In the free trial version, players can play as Ron and Luc in “Fighting Ground”, test new controls, and fully experience the beginning of “World Tour”. Avatars created in the demo can be used in the full game on the same platform.

  • Game name: “Street Fighter 6”
  • Release date: Now available (June 2, 2023)
  • 平台:PlayStation®5、PlayStation®4、Xbox Series X|S、PC(Steam)
  • Genre: Combat Fighting
  • Official website:


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