The Amazing Success of “Bear Infested Return to Earth”: A Guide to the Film’s Box Office Record

guide Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. About 10 filmings leveraged 800 million box office “Bear Infested Return to Earth” is really amazing! Many people don’t know the relevant information, so let’s take a look…

Hello everyone, Kobayashi will explain to you. About 10 filmings leveraged 800 million box office “Bear Infested Return to Earth” is really amazing! Many people don’t know the relevant information, let’s take a look now!

1. Breaking through 800 million, the box office of “Bear Infested Returns to Earth” hit a new high.

2. This is undoubtedly a memorable moment for the series of animated films of The Bears. Although it has already broken the box office record of the series, it still maintains a strong growth in the period after the Spring Festival. It can break through 800 million and reach 1 billion, which is not easy for this series of movies.

3. The word-of-mouth and box office of the film can be seen from the screening. Although it was also expected to be high, it was unexpected that under such an unfavorable external environment, it could still set a record and continue to grow. It can only be said that the Bears have really found their own position and have been recognized by the audience.

4. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, only 5.8% of the films scheduled were for bears, but the attendance rate was as high as 57%, ranking first among Spring Festival films and far ahead. Slices followed. It was directly increased to 9.3%, and then increased to 10.6% on the third day of the Lunar New Year.

5. Since then, the highest single-day schedule is only 10.9%, and even now it is still only 10.1%.

6. To sum up, Haunted Bear’s single-day screenings have been stable between 9% and 11%, but the attendance rate ranks first most of the time, and finally won 800 million box office. I have to say that it is really amazing.

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7. In the case of the overall decline in the number of movie viewers in the market, it is facing competition from Pleasant Goat. The Bears withstood the pressure and proved themselves with box office results.

8. In the eyes of ordinary viewers, the appearance of the bear means that this is a children’s movie for children. But Xiong has made great efforts to get rid of this label in recent years, and this movie returns to earth, which can be seen from visual effects to storytelling to emotional expression.

9. Not just kids.

10. In the past, parents took their children to watch, but now they are attracted by movies. Not only do they take their children to watch, but they are also attracted by the story of the movie and see the highlights of the movie.

11. For “Bear Infested: Return to Earth”, of course, it also has the characteristics of a family carnival movie during the Spring Festival.

12. Animated sci-fi comedy is heart-warming, allowing audiences of different stages to see what they want to see. Even though there are young plots, it is more of a comedy design to make the audience laugh happily. Of course, everything is just right and does not dominate.

13. More about the growth and warmth of the characters.

14. The two protagonists in the movie are Xiong Er and A Bu. Because Abu went back to the earth to look for his relatives, he encountered an accident. In the end, Xiong Er was involved in this accident, which also opened up Xiong Er’s personal growth path. The two protagonists meet here, from various struggles to becoming friends, each redeeming the other and helping the other to grow.

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15. I got my wish.

16. The core of the film’s story is also produced in this process.

17. One is inspirational growth, the other is parent-child relationship, and of course friendship.

18. Xiong Er’s heroic road is like a model of a waste wood’s counterattack, of course it is a routine of a super-English blockbuster. At this point, “The Bears” showed its own hard power, imitating international blockbusters in terms of visual effects and character growth, so this “Bears” can be called a hardcore sci-fi blockbuster.

19. The counterattack of waste wood is also a routine method of animation films. In the whole plot design, the bear is enough to explode in the middle and late stages. Of course, it also paves the way in the early stage. Turn, the whole structural design can be seen that the production team has worked hard and is full of sincerity.

20. Such inspirational growth stories can meet the viewing needs of audiences of different ages, and are full of sense of substitution for both children and adults.

21. As for Abu’s way home, the presentation of this parent-child relationship line, the narration of the story, is warm and touching, and hits people’s hearts directly. Parents sacrifice themselves to protect their children, which makes people cry. The most primitive family affection is just right in the rendering of emotion. , which really resonated with the audience,

22. It has improved the core of this film, and of course laid a solid foundation for Abu and Xiong Er’s final counterattack.

23. The relationship between Xiong Er and A Bu has changed from fighting to trusting and becoming friends. This is the result of their kindness, justice, bravery and consistency. And outside of the individual, there are various relationships to support him. Xiong Er encountered abnormal treatment and wanted to prove himself, and then fought for his friends.

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24. And Abu’s guarding his homeland echoes his parents’ guarding himself.

25. In terms of the behavior motivation and human characteristics of the whole character, it is logically self-consistent. The emotions conveyed by the two characters to the audience are one strong and one soft, so they have been combined and placed in this film to achieve another level, making the whole viewing experience comfortable and beautiful.

26. Inspirational and warm, the underlying values ​​and emotions make this film resonate, and the positive concept transmission makes it impossible for people to reject this film.

27. In addition to this, although comedy is only an embellishment, it is indispensable, because it is a schedule requirement, and it is also a manifestation of the inertia and market sensitivity of Bear Haunting itself. The various teases and contrasts between Xiong Er and Abu, Niu Daheng and Niu Madam, and Ergou brothers, etc., these plots and character settings,

28. The film is full of comedy, which fits with the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

29. The blockbuster texture, comedy atmosphere, useless counterattack, family love story, friendship encouragement, etc., and so on, the arrangement and combination of various elements, truly achieved what a market genre film should be, no matter from which point of view, “Bear Infested: Return to Earth” is no worse than those live-action movies,

30. That’s why only 10% of the film schedules leveraged a box office of over 800 million.

This article’s 10 film arrangement leveraged 800 million box office “Bear Infested Return to Earth” is really amazing! The relevant information is shared here, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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