Why Children Bang Their Heads and How Parents Can Help Develop Emotional Management Skills

Raising a child is a long journey that every mother goes through. In addition to the joy of seeing your child grow up Anxiety when the child is sick is always there. Just an abnormal behavior or a small gesture of the child, the mother should not be neglected and must be closely monitored. and take him for examination and treatment if necessary

For example, the story of a 36-year-old mother living in Nanning, China, with a 3-year-old son, is a very sedentary child. Often runs and jumps mischievously Therefore must keep a close eye on And lately have seen some unusual behavior. His son would repeatedly bang his head against the wall, floor or pillow when he was excited or dissatisfied with something.

Not just with a mother only but when with father or grandparents The son did the same. And every time the boy always looked with expectant eyes. While the adults were afraid that he might get hurt. Therefore hurried to stop by hugging tightly and use a light hand on his forehead

Moreover The boy seemed to be very interested in the head-butting behavior. because every time a mother or a family member runs in forbidden He was showing excitement. But when asked why I did that. He would just quietly shake his head. and refused to say a word

The mother became stressed. Despite watching and defending many times But the son still did not stop doing strange things. She began to fear that she had neurological problems. So it was decided to take him to the hospital for examination. and received a surprising response from the doctor

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Reasons why a child intentionally bangs his head against a wall, floor or bed

The examiner said It is a common phenomenon for children to bump their heads against hard objects. for many reasons Maybe because the child was not careful. or intended to attract the attention of parents Many young children behave this way because they do not have basic communication skills. Wants to get their parents’ attention but doesn’t know how to express it.

Children choose to do so to release their emotions. When a child is happy, he can express happiness. But sometimes positive or negative emotions have a great influence on a child’s psyche. can make a child’s mood swing violently and unable to vent this emotion effectively in a short time May cause emotional stress to build up. And children relieve emotional pressure by banging their heads.

In addition, if the child’s body has unpleasant symptoms. Children also act in this way. For example, when a child feels a headache It may be butting his head on the floor. or when there is discomfort in the limbs will beat the limbs on the floor to relieve symptoms

The doctor also added that In addition to the above reasons, children can exhibit such behaviors because they have a lot of energy during their developmental period. If children are able to exert energy through playing, learning, etc. head banging or hand pounding will not occur again.

However, this behavior when caused by a psychological disorder. Will greatly affect the development of children later. Children with poor personal emotional management They are often frustrated, easily angered, self-centered, or blame others. worse When negative emotions accumulate a lot and are not released leading to increased psychological pressure This can cause feelings of depression, instability, and lead to some extreme behaviors.

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How can parents help children develop emotional management skills?

A child’s ability to manage emotions can be identified as an important factor contributing to his entire life. Therefore, parents need to pay attention and practice skills in managing their children’s emotions. Raising children requires self-discipline. parents are mirrors Because children will learn and imitate the character and discipline from their parents. If parents indulge their children’s emotions too much Will affect the habits and personality of the child more or less.

Parents should help their children recognize and understand their emotions. You must teach them what is right and wrong. To guide them to find more suitable ways to release their emotions. Including ways to suppress anger or ways to reduce anger, etc.

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