Canton police warn of criminal tourists from Eastern Europe – high activity on weekends – blue lights

At the end of last week, the canton police had to deal with suspects from Eastern Europe several times. “With a bold approach they tried to distract victims and to get valuables,” it says in a message.

On Friday evening, Frick noticed a vehicle with Bulgarian license plates, the occupants of which were faking a breakdown in order to get other vehicles to stop.
A suspicious car occupied by two Romanian men was stopped by the police. A preliminary investigation into attempted fraud was initiated against the two alleged criminal tourists. There are two men aged 30 and 35, both of whom are not domiciled in Switzerland.

Suspicious people were reported from Obersiggenthal, Schafisheim and Leutwil on Saturday. While some were talking to the residents, others sneaked into the houses to get money or valuables. A car with a French number was noticed in Schafisheim. In one case, equipment and tools were stolen for 1,000 francs.
The canton police call on the Aargau population to be cautious and recommend that they alert the police emergency number immediately via telephone 117 in the event of suspicious observations.

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