Cannes 2021, Marion Cotillard defies the rules and enchants the carpet without heels

It is the Festival of rebirth. After a year of hiatus due to the pandemic, Cannes returns with its red carpet and with all the movie stars who, year after year, have trodden the stage of the Croisette for the presentation of the films in competition.

The parade of stars was characterized by the presence of some of the great names of international cinema, among which the name of Marion Cottilard, the undisputed protagonist of the opening day of the event that will deliver the Palme d’Or career also to the Italian director Marco Bellocchio.

The actress is in competition with Annette by Leos Carax, but it’s the look sported on the red carpet that amazes everyone. Cotillard has in fact set aside the dress code and she showed up without heels and in shorts. The modern and jaunty outfit still highlighted her beauty and elegance, even if it left everyone who would have expected something different, at least in terms of clothing, speechless.

Revolutionary, yes, but backed by the great guarantee offered by Chanel house which she relied on for her arrival on the red carpet. The actress is an old and esteemed acquaintance of the brand, which she often shows off on special occasions, as she has already been its testimonial even if in another area. “It has always fascinated me and made me dream, it is difficult to describe a dream that comes true – he declared – in the Maison the gift of amazement reigns and, therefore, the gift of knowing how to amaze”.

For the Cannes Film Festival 2021, tip its a look black and white with midi pants. Yes: cyclists! These are combined with the high-necked blouse with soft bow and pointed shoes without heel. The touch of color is instead provided by the accessories, with a bag in vibrant orange. The outfit also included a few jewels, except for the gold bracelets and the discreet ring on the ring finger. The earrings are lobe.

L’hairstyle with side line complete the work. His choice, so revolutionary and modern, has crumbled the canons of traditional Cannes red carpets, for which certain standards are expected. It is not only the talent and beauty of the actresses that are the protagonists, but also what they choose to wear on the red carpet.

Marion Cotillard however, she amazed everyone with her simple beauty, which goes beyond the rigid dictates of the dress code.

Marion Cotillard a Cannes 2021

Marion Cotillard



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