Poland defies the European Union

Nobody leaves the EU if they don’t want to. Poland, or Hungary, have not said they want to leave, as the United Kingdom did and now pays the consequences. But, even if they do not line up the exit door, one must know that the EU cannot continue to violate its principles: it is not […]

Kate Middleton challenges the tennis champion

Kate Middleton, playing tennis in a miniskirt Kate Middleton while visiting the National Tennis Center in London he throws himself into tennis teaming up with the champion, Emma Raducanu. And for the sporting meeting wear a micro skirt to make Queen Elizabeth pale. But on clay everything is allowed. After meeting with the RAF cadets […]

He used to cross at the last moment, now he is being photographed

The challenges are nothing new, they are simply documented Parents complain en masse about the challenges that children face on social media. In fact, they are nothing new, but the traditional children’s entertainment that more violent teenagers have always done. The only difference is that they are now documented in photos and video, and thus […]

Kate Middleton, the secret message for Meghan Markle and Harry

Kate Middleton at Euro 2020: memorable blazer and despair with George Meghan Markle and especially Harry announce new revelations about life at Palazzo e Kate Middleton he sends his brothers-in-law a secret message that tastes like a challenge, if not a threat. In summary, Kate Middleton’s message is this: she and William will not step […]