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“Candy Crush”: 500 drones deployed in the New York sky for the game’s 10th anniversary

A decade celebrated with great pomp. Thursday 3 November, the Candy Crush video game celebrated its 10th anniversary In New York. On this occasion, Digital King Entertainment, its publisher, deployed 500 drones in the sky over the Big Apple for a ten-minute show mixing game logos and emblematic sweets.

While drone flying is banned in principle in the state of New Jersey, where the festivities took place, the company has been granted an exemption, our colleagues at FM TV. A special authorization that allowed “hundreds of drones” to use “the New York skyline as a giant billboard to mark the game’s 10th anniversary“, exulted the marketing director of Game for which the goal was “to transform the sky into the largest screen in the world”.

The performance and the sweets in the sky were not unanimous, however, the constant news specifies. “I think that’it is outrageous to spoil our city skyline for private purposes. Is it offensive to New Yorkers, our local laws, the safety public and wildlife,” Senator Brad Hoylman responded.

An opinion shared by defenders of the Hudson River ecosystem. “Arrive like this without thinking the consequences for the environment and birds that it will fly in the same space as these drones is amazing,” complained Audubon’s director of conservation and science, who fights for the protection of the fauna and flora of New YorkDustin Partridge, to the American press.

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