Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets President Jokowi ahead of the G20 summit

TIME.CO, Nusa Dua – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been confirmed to meet with Indonesian President Joko Widodo ahead of a summit or summit G20 Bali on Monday, November 14, 2022. Canadian Embassy in Jakarta confirmed Justin Trudeau and Jokowi to hold bilateral talks. In the statement, it is not explained in detail.

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Indonesia and Canada will celebrate 70 years of bilateral relations in 2022. Currently, President Jokowi is still pushing for the completion of the CEPA or Canadian Economic Partnership Agreement between the two countries.

Earlier, Trudeau’s office said that during the Asian tour, Canada would focus on its role in promoting growth in the Indo-Pacific region and calling for support from Ukraine.

The meeting of heads of state of G20 members this time was overshadowed by the global crisis in the food and energy sector, triggered by the war in Ukraine. In a series of ministerial-level meetings, several US-led Western countries criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the food and energy crisis.

“I look forward to meeting global leaders, including colleagues from the Indo-Pacific region, to continue creating jobs and driving economic growth that benefits all,” Trudeau said in a statement on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022. .

At the G20 summit, 15-16 November 2022, the Prime Minister will support the Indonesian presidency, including its agenda to find solutions to food and energy insecurity, climate change and health.

Besides meeting Jokowion November 14, 2022, Trudeau will also deliver a keynote address at session B20 “The role of the digital economy and industry 4.0 in accelerating a just energy transition”.

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