Can anyone tell me how to use this iPhone case … | Gizmodo Japan

I’m already looking for something good.

I haven’t felt much demand since I saw it in the announcementMagSafe compatible iPhone 12 Pro Max leather sleeveHowever, it is not good to judge by appearance. Gizmodo Tsunafuji will review the video thoroughly!

Video: Gizmodo Japan / YouTube

Insert the bare iPhone 12 Pro Max into the flat sleeve … that? Did the color of the time seen through the window change?ApparentlyThe wallpaper changes according to the color of the sleeveIt seems that. Do you have this feature?

It seems that you can insert a card, but the sleeve will swell just by inserting one security card. Moreover,Cannot be unlocked if iPhone is installed.. Hey … I don’t really understand the significance of existence as it is …

So why not make a phone call? When an incoming call arrivesName is displayedWill be, but thisIncoming calls cannot be received only for operations in the small window…。

So it really looks like a leather sleeve. With a strap, the price is 14,800 yen (excluding tax). How about it?

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