Call from Mourinho Thwart Sergio Reguilon’s move to MU


Sergio Reguilon claimed to be very close to Manchester United, but a call from Jose Mourinho thwart that move. Reguilon changed his mind.

That is at least the claim of Fabrizio Romano, a journalist from Italy who also regularly becomes a ‘leak’ figure for transfers in the world of football. He stated that there was a big role for Jose Mourinho in Reguilon’s decision.

Reguilon is now widely rumored to be moving from Real Madrid to Tottenham Hotspur, which is handled by Mourinho, in a 27 million pound transfer deal.

This week, Sergio Reguilon and his representatives have reportedly communicated with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. At first, it was the Red Devils who were predicted to get the 23-year-old player.

“What happened is, at night there was contact between the player in question and Tottenham,” Romano said on the podcast Here We Go which was reported by talkSPORT.

“It’s not easy because Reguilon is already convinced that he will join Manchester United. He is enthusiastic and ready to go to Manchester United. That’s natural because he wants to play in the Champions League with Manchester United,” he said.

It makes Jose Mourinho intervene by making a telephone conversation with the player concerned. He is convincing Sergio Reguilon that Tottenham Hotspur is a more appropriate club for him.

“That’s why Tottenham have to talk to the player and it’s not easy to convince him. But everything changed in an instant on the phone from Jose Mourinho,” said Romano.

“Jose Mourinho was very involved in this agreement. He called Reguilon directly, and a personal agreement and a five-year contract have also been agreed.”

“Everything is ready, Reguilon will be a Tottenham player and they have arranged plane transportation and medical tests (for Reguilon). Everything is finished, the documents will be signed soon and Reguilon will become a Tottenham player,” he said.

Reguilon, who is a product of the Real Madrid academy, is believed to have idolized Mourinho when The Special One was still training El Real. This was revealed on a Twitter post Sergio Reguilon on January 25, 2012. At that time he wrote “Jose Mourinho“A few hours before the El Clasico match in the Copa del Rey quarterfinal. Mourinho himself is also a former manager of Manchester United.

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