Cádiz Safe short-term work for those who choose Classical Philology and Radioelectronic Engineering at the UCA

In the field of Humanities there are at the University of Cádiz (UCA) certain philologies with very little demand that are glimpsed as important short-term employment niche. One is the Arabic studies and the other Classical philology (Latin and Greek), which is even less requested than the previous.

This is inexplicable, because in the next few years it is expected that such a number of Latin and Greek institute teachers will retire that practically corresponds to the number of students who are today in Spanish universities studying classical”, Assures Rodrigo Sánchez Ger, general director of Access and Orientation of UCA, immersed in the last preparations of the Entrance and Admission Tests to the University.

For Arab Studies there was this course 45 spots available, but only 26 people asked for it, three as the first preference, three in the second and another three in the third. ANDn Classical Philology, the total number of requests was 90 (13, 28 and 21, in order of preference), for another 45 seats. “It seems clear that in the short term there is an important employment niche, although it is true that they are very vocational careers,” says Sánchez Ger.

On the other hand, there are in the UCA a single degree at a Spanish university: Radioelectronic Engineering, what offer 45 places, “that are never covered, but that it is a race, like all those that have to do with Nautical and Civil Navy, with some very great employment possibilities ”, explains the general director of the UCA. “It is also very vocational and perhaps today working at sea is not as attractive as it used to be,” he adds. “There may also be a bit of ignorance. It is a career for already highly motivated students, who have already been interested in this topic “, adds Sánchez Ger.

That is why this year from the UCA they have organized and carried out virtual information days for each center and they have spread some promotional videos which are available on the internet on the specific PEvAU website.



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