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BY THE SIDE: Walter was here – Waldkirch

“Heuss, Genscher – many were already there” it was said 14 days ago in the BZ, when Walter Uhl from Waldkirch looked back and recalled many a prominent visit to the Kandelstadt. Now Uhl has found out that football idol Fritz Walter, captain of the world championship eleven in 1954 – he would have just turned 100 – has also been to Waldkirch before. Uhl found out from Harald Engler, long-time supervisor for old men and ex-football player at SV Waldkirch: A Saba celebrity team competed against the SVW old men in 1973 for a benefit game for the paralyzed fencer Rudi Maier from Waldkirch. Over 2000 spectators saw football and TV celebrities such as Horst Eckel, Rudi Michel, Dieter Krten and Fritz Walter in the Elztalstadion. Hubert Bleyer adds that the current President of the Bundestag and then Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schuble was in Waldkirch – that was in 2011.

Calendar is empty

Only one week left and the last month of this strange year 2020 will be at the door. And in contrast to other places where at this time of the year you don’t even know how to find space in the newspaper for all these concerts, exhibitions, annual general meetings, Advent and company celebrations, audition afternoons and lecture evenings, 2020 shows

Looking ahead at the calendar: almost yawning emptiness. One can only hope that the old pun will still apply: “Every day just as much happens as fits in the newspaper.”

Lights are off

In the Elztal, too, there are some BZ readers who start reading the obituaries when they read it every day, so you can hear it again and again. Why not. But there are also people who collect unusual obituaries in a book (“Aus die Maus – Ungewhnliche obituaries” by Christian Sprang and Matthias Nlke). It reads, for example: “Otto H. * October 19, 1905, + July 14, 1979. He died as requested in the Neckar Stadium.” Or: “An eventful life has come to an end. Erwin W., master electrician (1914 – 2005). Erwin has now switched off the lights in his specialist shop after 50 years of business. We will all miss him very much.” Or this: “We are very sorry to announce that Mr. Guntram F. died unexpectedly on vacation in week 10 …” And finally: “Kurt S. * February 16, 1905 in Steinhagen, + 12. June 1989 in Hamburg. I say goodbye with love. The Lord has taken a stone hanger. “

Coffin with style

A gentleman wants to buy a coffin. In one store it costs 800 euros, in the other store the same coffin costs 1,400 euros. There the customer asks the owner: “How come that the same coffin costs 600 euros more for you?” The salesman: “Yes, you know: on the outside the coffins are already the same. But lie in it once and then poke your elbows a little, then you will notice the difference!”

Age has its advantages

Three sayings for the weekend: “We suffer from what we are. And over time we die from it” (Empress Elisabeth, “Sissi”, from Austria). “When it pulls through all the cracks / and the forest looks completely yellow / and you notice that you are going to die soon / – then it’s autumn” (cabaret artist Dieter Hildebrandt). “‘S’is bad when you get old’, / the age speaks, / ‘but it’s worse, / you won’t be!'” (Comedian Heinz Erhardt).

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