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By April 30, the due taxes on the income of the previous year are paid – 2024-04-19 13:52:38

It is easiest to submit electronically

Citizens have until April 30 to pay the taxes due on their income earned in 2023, the National Revenue Agency reminds.

The fastest and easiest and at any time of the day the payment to the NRA is made through the virtual POS terminal (the e-service of the revenue agency for payment by cards).

The electronic service “Information on obligations with the possibility of payment” is available with a personal identification code (PIC) or a qualified electronic signature (QES) in the NRA e-Portal.

No fees are due for payment through the virtual POS terminal and it is reflected in the client’s tax and insurance account immediately, without the usual delay in bank transfers, the revenue agency recalls.

Only when paying debts to other institutions (for example, fines from traffic police) or those in the process of enforcement, their payment is reflected after additional processing and their distribution takes longer.

In addition to being free of charge, online payment to the NRA saves users time as they do not have to visit an office and can do so at their convenience, regardless of the revenue agency’s working hours.

Anyone who owns a bank card can use not only the online payment service, but also a physical POS terminal in the offices of the National Revenue Agency to pay taxes and insurances due, obligations to other institutions collected by the revenue agency, such as traffic fines, court, municipality, etc.

Over 6 million BGN payments have been made through the POS terminal in the NRA Burgas customer service lounge since the beginning of the year.

More information about the online payment of obligations can be obtained by calling 0700 18 700 at a price according to the tariff of the relevant operator, as well as from the Guide to payment through a virtual POS terminal, published on the NRA website.

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