Chartres Écologie: Mid-Term Results and Future Plans for Municipal Elections 2026

Chartres Écologie organized, Wednesday November 22, an evening open to Chartrains at the Marceau high school, in order to present its mid-term results, but also and above all, to look ahead to the municipal electoral deadline of 2026.

The objective was, Wednesday evening for Chartres Écologie, to start “thinking about building something”, three years before the next municipal elections, in 2026.

Around fifty people, sympathizers or simply curious, attended the meeting organized by the association, represented by four opposition elected officials in the Chartres municipal council, in the amphitheater of the Marceau high school.

premium Jean-François Bridet on climate change: “An adult, mature, responsible society would pull the handbrake very hard”

“We would like everyone, even if they campaign in a party, for this local and municipal project, to leave their card and their flag in their pocket so that we are not subject to the vagaries of national politics,” warns straight away Jean-François Bridet, elected official of the Chartres Écologie opposition and vice-president of the Regional Council.

“The local issues are too strong for us to take this risk.”

Jean-François Bridet (empty)

After a presentation of the mid-term assessment of Chartres Écologie, it was time for discussions and avenues of reflection, in order to lay the first stones of an “alternative to the four mandates of Jean-Pierre Gorges, to integrate as much as possible the Chartrains, part of a new city governance project”, insists Chantal Vinet, president of the Chartres Écologie association.

premium Just presented, the new project for the esplanade of Chartres Cathedral already criticized by elected environmentalists

Political parties

Questions around water or mobility punctuated everyone’s speeches, before addressing the question of belonging to a political party and possible alliances, which livened up the debates.

“I do not feel concerned by these partisan questions which are, for me, old things. What will really make what we do work is the strength of our project”, launched, at the end of the evening amidst applause, a man present in the room.

Ecological transition: build rather than suffer, according to the rural mayors of Eure-et-Loir

The Chartres Écologie elected officials devoted the first part of the evening, Wednesday, to establishing an initial assessment, at mid-term, of their actions as members of the opposition. Different themes were presented: finances, transport and even youth, with the aim of pointing out “the differences which oppose us, at Chartres Écologie, with the current governance of the city”, according to Chantal Vinet. The question of the debt of the City and the Agglomeration, water management, town planning or even the cultural programming proposed by Chartres and its metropolis, were at the heart of the assessment presented by different members of the Chartres Écologie association. Before launching a next meeting for visitors, this time at the Jehan-de-Beauce high school, on Saturday January 13, to “start working and co-constructing, with the Chartrains and the Chartraines”.

Laura Alliche

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