Bundesliga: “Some kill themselves”

Eberl: “Some kill themselves”


After burnout – Eberl grants new details

Max Eberl is disparaged on posters by fans of 1. FC Köln. The Leipzig boss reacted with clear words.

RB Leipzig’s sporting director, Max Eberl, reacted very emotionally to slanderous posters against himself and his previous burnout.

“I would be interested to know if these people know exactly what burnout means. Burnout means that people exhaust themselves until they can no longer and beyond that point,” said Eberl on Saturday after the 0-0 draw in the Bundesliga at 1. FC Köln. (DATA: Bundesliga results)

Some sufferers “drown it in alcohol, some take drugs, some kill themselves. That’s the hard truth,” said Eberl, who resigned as sporting director at Borussia Mönchengladbach in January 2022, citing acute exhaustion and burnout as the reasons. He has been with RB since December 1, 2022.

Cologne boss is clear: “Not the values ​​​​of 1. FC Cologne”

Cologne’s sports director Christian Keller distanced himself from the posters. Some would have been directed against the RB Leipzig construct. “But if individuals are discriminated against, that’s not the values ​​of 1. FC Köln,” he said.

“It wasn’t just me who was ill. There are many other people who have these issues,” Eberl explained: “And if you are constantly confronted in public with the fact that you are being ridiculed and ridiculed, it is clear to me that people will not stand up and say: ‘Listen, I’m sick’.”

People who mock those affected “should think twice about whether what they are doing is right”. He is “zero point zero about me. I’m above it, I fought my way out of there,” said Eberl: “Every other person has this chance too. I want to show that this is possible and also show that admitting weakness is strength. If parts of society then believe that they are exploiting this weakness, stepping on it, then that is sad.” (NEWS: All current information about the Bundesliga)

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“I had to do it”

Eberl, who is viewed particularly critically in Cologne because of his Gladbach past, was denigrated and insulted by FC fans with several posters. It was also explicitly about the burnout disease of the 49-year-old. He has “never had such experiences since his return to professional football,” said Eberl. (DATA: The table of the Bundesliga)

“I would wish that many more people would get up and say how they are doing, and also say if it is no longer possible,” he emphasized: “I had to do it, otherwise I might have ended up somewhere else, and there I just don’t want to be. My body told me, my mind, it will eventually end.”


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