Dancing ban suspects ‘psychosis’ at Scurrows – Gronkh scandal draws blood again

No Dancing backs Gronkh in the Twitter scandal and Scurrows complains about his hypocrisy – the Casino streamer isn’t claiming this for the first time.

Berlin – All hell broke loose on Twitter again after Gronkh spoke out on Hogwarts Legacy. Twitch streamer Tanzverbot shared his opinion and sided with the YouTube veteran. The Casino Scurrows streamer sees this as an obvious double standard and tries to bring the issue down to him.

Full Name Kilian Roberto Heinrich
Known as no dancing
Anniversary February 08, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers sur Twitch 697,510 (as of February 2023)
Subscribers on YouTube 1,110,000 (as of February 2023)

Dancing Ban Receives Announcement From Scurrows – Would Be Hypocritical As He Sits With Gronkh

What happened ? Gronkh spoke out on Hogwarts Legacy and got a shitstorm on Twitter. There’s a lot of friction when talking about the “Harry Potter” game on the internet, so Tanzverbot gave his opinion when he got too hard on Gronkh. We’ve embedded Tanzverbot’s tweet here.

Here is what Tanzverbot says: « The Gronkh debate just shows that people don’t seek to improve anything in this world, but put themselves above others in every conceivable situation.“are the words that probably caused some varicose veins to appear on Scurrows’ forehead. Casino streamers called No Dancing a hypocrite after meeting Ron Bielecki – the thought probably won’t leave them.

Scurrows says it: « Replace the word ‘Gronkh’ with ‘Scurrows’ or ‘orangemorange’. What a clown! He is exactly what he accuses others of being.“, is Scurrows’ demonstration, with which he attempts to expose the hypocrisy of the dance ban. Scurrows and Orangemorange are losing viewers* on KICK and on Twitter too, comments of approval directed at Casino streamers are becoming increasingly rare.

Scurrows calls Tanzverbot a hypocrite – Tanzverbot suspects Surrows of “psychosis”.

Reply from Tanzverbot: Following a request from our editorial staff, No Dancing came forward and made a brief statement on Scurrows’ tweet: “.Psychosis, age“. It doesn’t seem likely that fellow streamers will ever get along.

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Fans react: Under normal Twitter, people would be expected to debate Hogwarts Legacy in the comments, but here, unanimity seems to reign. ” There comes a time when you have to stop« , « grow a little » et « It was pretty moved now are just excerpts from the opinions of commentators.

« We know the Twitter game very well, because we ourselves are concerned“, mused Scurrows in his feed, apparently feeling quite like Gronkh, who defended a “ futility – as the ban on dancing describes it – is pilloried. However, it is unclear where the line lies between banning the dance and “breaking the law”.Nullity ” drawn. But it seems to fall somewhere between casino streams and avoiding a big internet debate.

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