Buitenhof broadcast explodes at the moment when Thomas Erdbrink cannot hold back tears | show

Erdbrink is currently receiving a lot of praise with his new documentary series Our man in the Taliban. The journalist, who lived in Iran for more than twenty years, joined in on Sunday afternoon Buitenhof, which is presented by Twan Huys. He presented Erdbrink with a photo of an Iranian girl who was shot in the eye. “Apparently the National Guard has decided: we shoot at the eyes, because that has the most horrible effect,” said Huys.

The photo hit Erdbrink hard, after which tears welled up in his eyes. “To see from Afghanistan what the Iranian women and demonstrators have done has of course been very inspiring. And yes, an example for all of us.” Silence. After that: ,,Let’s pick myself up again”, said Erdbrink, with tears in his eyes. “And it will continue to be. I mean, we don’t know yet what will happen there, that will take time, that will be a development, that will have to see how it goes.”

What Erdbrink had to say next remains a mystery. Suddenly the broadcast was stopped and a message appeared on the screen. “Please wait,” it read. Viewers were surprised. ‘Erdbrink fills up and immediately a malfunction? What happened?’

A spokesman for the VPRO says that the broadcast was not deliberately stopped. “It was a technical glitch. We are still looking into what exactly happened, but it was by accident,” said the spokesman.

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