the Genêts d’Anglet in their hand against Portes Entre-Deux-Mers (2-0)

Saturday evening, the local midfielder was again aligned within an 11 which took the match by the good …

Saturday evening, the local midfielder was again aligned in an 11 which took the match by the right end. Still laid out in 4-3-2-1, the Basques quickly proved dangerous with a shot that was unfortunately too crushed by Dos Santos, which Lescure had no trouble capturing (4th). Antoine Verges’ visitors are lined up with four defenders, two defensive midfielders and four attackers with the Camara duo on the wings.

The match struggled to reach heights of intensity, the Genêts contenting themselves with leading the game as they pleased but without succeeding in approaching Lescure’s goals. In the centre, the duo Gaubert-Dethoua does the job on the visitor side but at the half-hour mark, things will speed up. Captain Claverie breaks the first opposing line and finds Lapeyre who launches Favre in depth: the Basque striker, off-center on the right side in the area, then stumbles at the near post on Lescure (31st). Two minutes later, Dos Santos rolls up a magnificent free kick that Lescure diverts for a corner (33rd). On the corner kick that follows, the last Girondin rampart can do nothing on the head of Claverie, extended by the top of the skull of Dethoua (34th, 1-0). The hardest part seems done for the Angloys just before the break.

A cut above

Back from the locker room, Antoine Verges changes his batteries. Nakayama is replaced by Diaby. Portes passes to three defenders, Mohamed Camara passes in point and Kaine finds himself on the right flank. But the Genêts are a notch above. Favre is joined, in extremis, in the area by Dethoua (52nd). Lilian Laplace-Palette sees his shot, powerful, being countered by Gaubert, who replaces his goalkeeper beaten on the spot (53rd). In the aftermath, Dos Santos does not fit his curled shot (56th). The visitors try to react but Djibril Camara misses the target (67th) and Kaine just forces Lesec to lie down in front of his line to capture the leather (71st).

Taken a few times against since the start of the season, the Genêts will, this time, lead one that will go all the way. Initiated by Lilian, the eldest of the Laplace-Palette brothers, the action continues with a perfect “one-two”, full axis, between Favre and the youngest Lucas. The latter then delivers a love pass for his brother, who had followed well and comes to conclude in force with the right foot (73rd, 2-0). Lucas sees himself, three minutes later, denied a goal for a very limited offside on a free kick from Bigne (76th). The match ended with action on each side: Essogo bumping into Lescure (86′) and Diaby, who thought he was closing the gap, saw his ideally kicked free kick taken away at the last moment by Lesec (93′).

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The Genêts consolidate their place on the podium even if the gap with the leader Libourne remains unchanged (eight points). Portes Entre-Deux-Mers will have to react in fifteen days at home against Châtellerault, a direct rival for maintenance.

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