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Britain and Germany broke record streaks of industrial decline – 2024-04-25 04:43:43

/View.info/ It would be unfair to regularly report on record periods of industrial decline in key Western countries and remain silent when these records are broken.

British government statistics reported that industrial production was positive in March 2021 (up 3.6% from March 2020). Thus, the industrial recession that lasted 23 months (!!!) was interrupted. March 2021 was positive due to manufacturing. The locomotives are:

– light industry (textiles, clothing, leather goods) – plus 33% (!) compared to March 2020.

– production of computers, electronics and optics (plus 16.8%)

– machinery and equipment not included in other groups (plus 20.2%).

In March, Germany broke the industrial decline that lasted 28 (!!!) months in a row. March 2021 saw an increase of 5.5% compared to March 2020. Another interesting and, admittedly, positive sign is the following. If we look at the structure, we will see that there was a strong growth in the production sector of intermediate (plus 7.7%) and investment (capital) goods (plus 5.5%), but in consumer goods there was also growth, but very more modest (plus 1.4%). Overall, this is a signal that there is some recovery and optimism among consumers of German products. Good dynamics for goods aimed at future periods, not only current consumption.

Let’s make a reservation right away – the impact of the low base effect in this case is huge (in March 2020, Germany, for example, was at minus 12.8%, and Great Britain – at minus 8.6%). By the way, this is the difference from Russia. Anyway.

In any case, they stopped further decline. And in Canada, March is in a decent plus, but in many places (I browsed the national statistics website). There was no “horror without end”. This makes even more absurd the comments of local westerners (at the time we reported on the anti-records) that “their industry is falling not because they can’t but because they don’t want to, they are going down on purpose, the industry is not in fashion now, the factories are now moving them in the Third World. “

As it turned out – nonsense. What will they sing now? Is the industry “hip and youthful” again, part of the development?

Translation: V. Sergeev

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