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Why Anne Hathaway had to kiss 10 men – 2024-04-25 04:29:50

The acting profession may seem glamorous and carefree at times, but it also has its dark sides. And some of the big stars sometimes decide to reveal some of them.

Anne Hathaway, for example, did exactly that in an interview with V Magazine.

The 41-year-old actress decided to go back in time when she was breaking into Hollywood to talk about an unpleasant incident for her.

Hathaway did not reveal which film it was about, but he placed the incident in the early years of the new century. Then she got a part in a movie, but the producers told her that she had to take a very strange test to see which actor she would have the best chemistry with in front of the cameras.

To do this, she was asked to kiss 10 men chosen by the casting director, and she was even told that she should feel excited. “And I thought, ‘There’s something wrong with me,’ because I wasn’t excited about it,” says Anne Hathaway.

The actress says that she was young at the time, but realized how easily she could lose not only this role, but future ones, if she turned down the idea of ​​kissing 10 men, because she would be branded as difficult to work with. “So I just pretended to be excited and carried on.”

Anne Hathaway says no one was rude to her or tried to hurt her, but she realizes how different those times were and the way actors were cast.

Now, Hathaway has chosen to work differently in her films.

She is the producer of the movie The Idea of ​​You and in order to select the right actors she gave them a task that did not involve kissing and physical contact. Hathaway asked the actors to name a song they thought would appeal to their character.

And this song should have been chosen to make her own character in the film dance, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

In The Idea of ​​You, Anne Hathaway stars as Solene, a 40-year-old single mother who falls madly in love with a 25-year-old musician and begins a relationship with him that goes against all expectations.


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