Breast milk to strengthen the immune system in premature babies

So that the immune system of premature babies get stronger, they should be fed breastmilk For at least the first six months of life, this recommendation also applies to babies who are born normally.

Preterm infants have a high impact on morbidity and mortality, with greater susceptibilities to develop different disorders and disabilities, indicates the Guanajuato Ministry of Health. (Read also: Breastfeeding women are 4.3 percent less likely to develop breast cancer)

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The breastmilk It helps to improve the nutrition of the baby and can improve health and prevent diseases throughout life. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months and complementary breastfeeding for up to two years and / or more.

This recommendation is extended to premature infants, because the nutritional value of human milk is superior to any commercial formula, particularly in preterm infants, since it is the protects against infection and other diseases.

The Guanajuato Health Secretariat reports that human milk is considered the best food for premature babies, with gastrointestinal protective effects and contributes to proper maturation of this and other systems.

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In preterm infants who are fed human milk, they have lower rates of neonatal sepsis, necrotizing enterocolitis, as well as a decrease in the incidence of otitis media, allergies and gastrointestinal and urinary infections.

Recent research has shown that human milk mitigates the number of metabolic diseases, particularly obesity, type II diabetes mellitus, as well as the child fed human milk compared to formula milk, presents a better development of the nervous system.

In cases of prematurity, evidence has shown that kangaroo care, skin-to-skin contact, and support for breastfeeding improve outcomes for these patients.

Breastfeeding and keeping the baby and mom together are paramount to the well-being of both, regardless of the prematurity or maturity of the baby.

The Guanajuato Health Secretariat urges the population to continue protecting breastfeeding as a universal human right of girls and boys and mothers.

So that mothers can have a successful breastfeeding should follow the following recommendations:

  • Self-care promotes successful breastfeeding. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids, and get as much rest as possible.
  • Learn as much about breastfeeding as you can to gain confidence. Maintain a calm and relaxed environment. Seek support from your partner and other loved ones. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • A good source of information is those friends who had a successful breastfeeding. In many hospitals and clinics, you have a lactation specialist at your disposal.


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