Relaxation of mask requirements in the open air


Since the third level of the pandemic was declared, measures to protect against infection have been adapted to this level in schools in Baden-Württemberg. The central measure is that the obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover from grade 5 in secondary schools as well as in vocational schools has been expanded to include teaching.

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Press release

Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sport Baden-Württemberg

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“In the past few days, we have received a lot of feedback from schools and parents that this permanent mask requirement is a particular burden for the students but also for the teachers. We can understand that well. That is why we have now adapted the regulations so that the mask can be removed during the break in the school yard, i.e. outside the school building, provided that the distance to other people is at least 1.5 meters, ”says Minister of Education Dr. Susanne Eisenmann and adds: “We are responding to comprehensible and justified feedback from school practice. In addition, we make it clear again in the ordinance that the mask requirement of course does not apply to eating and drinking. “

It is also determined that wearing the mask can be dispensed with in the intermediate and final examinations, provided that the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is observed. “In this way, we want to take account of the special exam situation and prevent impairment of the students who take their exams under the special conditions of the corona pandemic,” explains Eisenmann. It is important to observe the distance requirement.

The Ministry of Culture also uses the feedback from practice in another point to ensure that the existing regulation is optimized as quickly as possible. The prohibition of the use of schools for non-school purposes initially pronounced in the current Corona Ordinance School for pandemic level 3 was perceived by various sides to be too extensive, as this regulation in fact means for numerous music schools or adult education centers, for example, that they are no longer allowed to use school rooms . “It is of personal concern to me that we do not unnecessarily complicate the valuable work of our extracurricular partners. These are often dependent on the school rooms. That is why we are now returning to the old regulation and continue to enable schools to be used outside of school subject to strict hygiene requirements, ”said Minister Eisenmann.

This means that the regulations that were in place before pandemic level 3 apply again (Section 5 Corona School Regulation). Accordingly, the use of the rooms and spaces of the schools for non-school purposes is permitted, provided that a mixture of school and non-school users can be avoided through organizational measures and the cleaning between school and non-school use is ensured.

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