[Breaking] Honda New Blade 160 2023 was born, woww Vario 160 cakk !!

Iwanbanaran.com – Cakkk…. Even though the country is in Anteng because no new products have been detected, who would have thought that Honda Vietnam made a breakthrough by launching the latest generation of New Blade 160 2023. A generation that has more power because it has carried the freshest generation eSP+ 4 Valve engine. It is said that this generation was indeed asked to slap the Aerox or NVX 155. And when IWB peeked…well, this is the Vario 160 engine, sir…

Goodbye to the two-valve engine, maybe that’s what we can emphasize with the birth of the latest generation of New Blade 160. The IWB motor previously revealed everything and all the fixes proved that Blade carries a new 4 valve engine. If previously carrying a machine identical to the old Vario which is 149cc …. now the engine is identical to the Vario 160 which is 156cc ESP + 4 valves. Practically the burst of power also increased. From previously only 12 hp with 13Nm of torque, for the latest generation Honda blade 160 is capable of exploding power up to 14.7HP and torque of 14.6Nm. It’s getting worse cakkk. What else is different?

Honda also completely overhauled the previous chassis with a new frame. In this freshest generation, Honda Vietnam uses a chassis that is designed to be lighter so that maneuvering is claimed to be more agile. When IWB took a peek, it turned out that the type used was not an eSAF frame but still a regular TubuLar model. Chassis revision also makes luggage capacity increase. From the previous 22.7 L to 23.2 L, that’s pretty good. The others did not make many changes because in general the design carried was still the same as the previous generation. Just a little touch on the side and the rest? smack smack…

What’s interesting is that at the launch of the Honda Blade 160, Honda Vietnam also introduced the latest generation of Blade 125. This facelift version also carries a new engine, namely 125cc eSP + 4 valves. Note cak….wisss the evening of the valve. This means ? The potential of the Vario 125 in the future according to IWB’s vision is in line with the 125cc 4 valve engine. Hey, it’s true or not, bro. Btw, the Blade 160’s legs are bigger than the previous generation, which is the 90/90 front and 100/80 rear. Hmm… how come you’re still tiny, bro. That’s right bro, obviously the Vario 160 is definitely bigger…

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Last….Honda new Blade 160 sold by Honda Vietnam at 55,990,000 VND. If we convert to Rupiah, the fall is 35 million. Well, it’s not cheap but it’s quite okay for the size of a motorbike in Vietnam. Many say this Honda Blade 160 will kill the existence of the Yamaha Aerox 155 or NVX 155 in Vietnam. The reason is simple… Because the basis of the same design concept is to adopt the back deck model. Like what ? the figure of the latest new Blade 160 2023? take a look at some of the photos below. Piyee cak…. handsome ora? (iwb)

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