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It was presented in WeBow society, the first accelerator from Latin America structured as DAO what uses blockchain technology to finance startups and value projects through the use of cryptocurrencies.

The Webow Community unites and consolidates new concepts in the business world at a global level, especially since its structuring, making transparent, reliable and democratic its operation.

Regarding its release, jorgelina ferreyraPlatform Business Manager describes: “Webow It was born as a result of an empty space that exists in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. The complexity in access to financing traditional by financial entities and international organizations to start ups has an impact

directly in carrying out projects, so we created this community what looking to support talent who want to develop products on a global scale without leaving their country”

Unlike traditional accelerators, Webow uses Blockchain technology to simplify the financing process. the founders (This is what the founding partners of an enterprise are called) they do not give up participation in their project, but instead block part of their governance as collateral, being able to preferentially redeem it at the end of the process. In addition, by avoiding individual presentations per round, time and effort are substantially shortened.

“Our goal is to form a open and participatory community through the consolidation of what happened in the last few years, pandemic through, where blockchain technology paved the way for a a free, communitarian, borderless and debureaucratised economy adds Ferreyra.

Why Latin America?

“The region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is experiencing a unique and growing moment. The latest official data from the Latin American Private Equity Investors Association (Lavca) indicates that venture capital investment in the region exceeded $11.5 billion in venture capital investment in 2021” analyzes Luciano Lecchini, Financial Advisor.

These numbers show that the region is a world leader and that, following these projections, in five years Latin America will have a larger entrepreneurial ecosystem than Europe.

“Clearly, it is not news that the world’s big capitals are increasingly setting their sights on the continent and we are going through a moment in which the supply of projects is aligned with the demand of investors. Webow’s challenge is not only to seduce these big players but also the small investor who, without an investment floor, can be part of a package of quality startups that can grow and become unicorns tomorrow,” Lecchini highlighted.

How to apply a project to accelerate?

Those ideas in the seed or pre-seed stage can be submitted to the Webow Challenge starting on May 9 by entering the webow.io. This is an incubation period that opens once a year, where entrepreneurs receive support from community mentors for two months to develop or perfect their business model, pitch and plan the MVP.

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