Bruce Willis’ wife confessed how much it costs her to care for her sick husband

When Bruce Willis’ family reported in March via social media that the actor had health problems and had recently been diagnosed with aphasia, the news was received with great sadness. Due to his progressive illness, Willis had to end his career, and his relatives took care of him. Now the actor’s wife, Emma Heming, talked about what her husband’s illness means for her and what consequences she has to face.

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What is aphasia?

Aphasia it is actually not a disease entity, but a group of symptoms caused by brain damage. There is a loss of speech ability in a person who has not had problems with it so far. Its consequences are also sudden problems with writing or reading. Aphasia can be acquired, but it can also happen suddenly. It can have different forms, which differ in symptoms, diagnosis and treatment methods. About what it looks like in the star of “Glass Trap”, “Sixth Sense”, or the cult “Pulp Fiction”, his long-term partner has now told.

“Sacrifice Doesn’t Make Me a Hero”

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming (privately a model and actress) married in 2007 to get married two years later. Together, they are raising two daughters: 10-year-old Mabel Ray and 8-year-old Evelyn Penn. In an interview for “The Bump”, Heming emphasized that having a family has always been her greatest dream and if she had to create her list of priorities, the closest would be at its top. She did not hide, however, that caring for her seriously ill husband required sacrifice in many areas of her life, including when all household chores focused only on her head:

“It definitely took a toll on my mental health” she said in an interview with “The Bump”

“My family’s needs became more important to me than my own. I finally realized that such sacrifice did not make me a hero.” the model confessed.

Taking care of yourself in a crisis. “Remember that every family is different”

Eventually, Heming realized that in order to provide effective support to the family, she must also remember about herself. “Someone recently told me that if we only care about others, we finally stop taking care of ourselves. It struck me. Even if not everything works perfectly, you have to find a moment for yourself. I always try to find time for rest or exercise, which is for me very important. Thanks to this I manage not to go crazy ” she stressed.

“Maybe I’m not a perfect mother, but I know I also have my needs” she marked

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“Universal size does not exist”

In the same interview, she also talked about her view of motherhood. When asked for one clue she would like to hear before she became a mom, and now she would be happy to pass it on to others, she replied:

“The first is to stop listening to uninvited advice. There is no such thing as” One size does not fit all “. Every child and family are different, which means their needs are also different. what is right for you ” she stated.

She also recalled the time right after Mabel gave birth:

“Oh God, it was crazy. My husband then signed a contract for three films, one after the other, so we practically went on a trip around the world. This is not how I imagined the first three months of Mabel’s life, in my own way I did not have time to start with myself I learned to breathe deeply and trust the process. In retrospect, that period in our life was just perfect. I believe that everything passes in the blink of an eye and it is not worth worrying about the details ” she noticed.

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