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Breaking Barriers: Latina Woman Rises to Senior VP in NYC Real Estate Industry

A woman who was very close to Sabrina Lippman buried her Latin heritage because she believed that this was the only way to be successful in the field in which she developed; For example, he didn’t speak Spanish. Sabrina, however, considered her Latin to be her most powerful weapon.

“That hurt me a lot, and I was sure if I was going to move on I was going to do it knowing the respect and love I have for my culture,” she said. My mother has always been a berraca [una mujer fuerte]and he told me that if I was diligent and worked hard, I could achieve it. “

He learned that work ethic from his parents: his immigrant father from the Dominican Republic and his mother from Colombia.

With that philosophy in mind, Sabrina’s career began to skyrocket once she graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in economics and history and earned a certificate in real estate from Cornell University.

She first worked with some of the country’s largest developers and then served as vice president of the New York City Department of Environmental Resource Development for Humanity, where she led trips to the Dominican Republic to build homes. raise for families in need.

“Then I realized that I like work that has to do with housing, with commercial buildings,” he said. “But with the intention of not only the profit that these buildings leave, but that they help the communities where they are.”

He found that in the Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen confidence in New York City to have more businesses, building neighborhoods where you can live, learn, work and be entertained , and offer sustainable infrastructure to communities. and for the future of the city.

As the group’s Senior Vice President, she oversees 64 million square feet of real estate across the five boroughs, including some of New York City’s most iconic buildings, such as Times Square, Coney Island and Downtown Brooklyn.

She is the first Latina woman to hold this position, and now she has her sights set on something bigger: being the CEO of a non-profit real estate organization that serves her community.

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