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Simplified Model 730: Instructions, Dates, and Updates for 2024 Tax Returns

The debate is this year simplified model 730; way to make the tax return simpler and faster, but with an instruction manual that will be an advantage 152 pages8 more than in 2023.

This is what the message communicates Cgia of Mestre, which advises you to check the instructions carefully before visiting the Financial Group website to avoid mistakes. A model that is no longer “moon”, as it was once described to understand its length and complexity, but which is still full of instructions to be read carefully.

The simplified model 730 will come

It must be said that the method of submitting the declaration should be greatly simplified and in recent years increase in the number of people who fill out the 730 form independently, which may make you think that the whole task is very simple

In addition, from this year the method of submitting the declaration is expected to be even more accessible compared to previous editions. L’Revenue Agency they announced that it will make the information in their possession available to employees and pensioners in a special section of the pre-prepared authentication web application. This information can be easily verified or possibly changed through a guided path, thus facilitating the collection process. It is not known at this time how smooth the support provided by the Agency will be, but once the information is defined, it will be entered automatically in the fields of the form 730 This enables taxpayers to send the declaration to the Agency efficiently and accurately.

For those who prefer not to use this simple method, it will still be possible proceed in the usual way, manually enter new data or modify existing ones. This flexibility will ensure that each taxpayer can choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

Dates for Irpef taxpayers

For the transfer simplified 730 model for the year 2024, the dates they are many.

From April 30thtaxpayers will have access to the confirmation compiled in advance through the Finance Agency’s electronic services. The pre-compiled declaration will be published in the reserved area of ​​the taxpayer. By being June 15th instead the tax withholding agents, the Cafe or the authorized professionals to whom the taxpayers turned before 31 May the checks on the consistency of the proof and send the prepared declarations and the final result electronically to the Finance Agency. In addition, they will provide a copy of the prepared declaration and the related reconciliation statement to the taxpayer.

The date may be June 15 postponed until June 29, July 23, September 15 or 30, depending on whether the taxpayer turned to the withholding agent, Caf or qualified professional within the respective deadlines: from 1st to 20 June, from 21 June to 15 July, from 16 July to 31 August and from 1st to 30 September. In July the back-up agents will hold back the amounts due for tax or give a refund.

By being October 25th it is intended date for sending supplementary form 730/2024, and in November the backup agent will withhold the amounts to be paid back as the second or the only advance installment related to Irpef and interest fee. Dates ending on a Saturday or public holiday will be extended to the first working day thereafter.

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