Bordeaux: the police regularly targeted by fireworks mortars

Since the New Year’s Eve, the police in Bordeaux have regularly been the targets of young people who use fireworks and mortars against them during interventions in certain neighborhoods, a phenomenon which is so much on the increase. .

On the night of Monday 11 to Tuesday 12 January, in Lormont near Bordeaux, police officers were attacked, initially called for nighttime noise. On their arrival, the police received mortar fire at their vehicles. For the inhabitants of the district, the young people now rule and the situation has become unbearable. “They scare everyone, they have a lot of things in their pockets,” confides a resident. “These ambushes are systematic” delcares another.

Insecurity: the inhabitants of a district of Lyon are fed up

This phenomenon aimed at burning material, or firing mortars and fireworks, is increasing sharply according to the Bordeaux police. “Today in the Bordeaux region, we have a reinforcement of CRS companies and it is true that they are hampered in the traffic”.

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