1,700 million pesos of credit for medium-sized agri-food companies

He Guanajuato government signed a collaboration agreement with Trusts Instituted in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA) to access financing for thousand 700 million pesos (mdp) to promote the medium-sized agri-food business.

This agreement is signed to maintain the economic reactivation of the state and in which the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) also participates as trustee of the Special Fund for Technical Assistance and Guarantee for Agricultural Credits (FEGA), Guanajuato Funds will provide the special technical assistance fund and guarantee for agricultural loans for 100 million pesos, which will be boosted 17 times to have a purse of 1,700 million pesos, destined to the Financing Program for Medium Agrifood and Rural Enterprises (PROEM)

“There is no other state that has this amount, or agreement, and that speaks of a commitment that Guanajuato has with its entrepreneurs. We are talking about a total purse of up to 1,700 million pesos for the granting of loans, ”stated the Governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo.

Guanajuato Funds will grant support through the ‘Rate Reimbursement’ program for up to 5 million pesos in credits from FEGA, or up to 6 percentage points of the interest generated on credits acquired by the beneficiary economic units, with a credit reimbursement with valid until September 2024.

The governor recalled that the credit actions implemented by Fondos Guanajuato in 2020 prevented the loss of nearly 100,000 jobs and managed to maintain and reactivate the state economy.

The president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States (Concamin) Bajío, Ismael Núñez Plascencia, said that each applicant company that complies with the guidelines of the agreement, will be able to access a loan for a total amount equivalent to its annual purchase in farm products.

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