“Bold and Weird” .. 50 Seeking Art Stars from Cairo Film Festival

Written by_Shaima Morsi

Photography: Islam Farouk-Mahmoud Abdel Nasser

The art stars are always eager to appear in attractive, different, strange and daring looks even during their red carpet presence at the Cairo Film Festival in its 44th session.

The look varied between simple, attractive, bold and exotic, as did the colors.

And the artist, Arwa Gouda, appeared in a striking look resembling the sheet, and Laila Elwi in a baby blue dress with an off the shoulder cut, and Menna Shalaby looking alluring.

In this context, we show you the 50 most important looks of the Red Carpet Cairo Film Festival.

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Bold and surprising.. The boldest looks of the stars at the 43rd Cairo Film Festival

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