The greeting that Rodrigo Bentancur received after the brace against Tottenham is very particular

The day of this Saturday of the Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur will remain for the memory.

Is that the Tottenham Hotspur and Uruguayan team midfielder doesn’t really like goals.

However, he had converted one for his side in recent games.

Companions and rivals: the Korean Heung-Min Son, who has just undergone face surgery and is on the list of South Korea, Uruguay’s first rival at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, says goodbye to Rodrigo Bentancur for the brace against Tottenham Hotspur

This Saturday, he not only converted two but did it in 2 minutes and so Tottenham Hotspur who lost 3-2 at home to Leeds United kept on winning and finally won the game 4-3 .

At the end of the engagement, a teammate came down to greet him and made the gesture with two fingers, due to his two goals.

It was the Korean Heung-min Son, who this Saturday was included in the list of 26 South Korean players for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, despite having undergone facial surgery less than a week ago for a multiple fracture suffered. .

Son, Bentancur’s teammate in the English club, will be a rival of the Azzurri in the first match they will play in the aforementioned World Cup on Thursday 24 at 10 Uruguayan time.

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