Is it worth celebrating?; Social media discussion on the experience of a young woman who became a mother after 26 miscarriages

On social media, the experience of a young woman who underwent 26 abortions for various health problems and finally became a mother at the age of 37 has caused much discussion. After China’s Changsha Child Healthcare Hospital publicized a young woman’s experiences, there were mixed reactions on social media. Many people from different countries have come forward through social media for and against the note shared by the hospital in the name of ‘A great dream has blossomed’. (debate on social media about Chinese wife who gave birth after 26 miscarriages)

Many women think that even though motherhood is a happy thing, women’s lives are more important than that. Some women said the experience of the 37-year-old woman, who has had 26 abortions, is more than a joyous one. Many also shared the view that stories of high-risk pregnancies shouldn’t be celebrated as exemplary.

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But some have suggested that the young woman’s experience offers hope to many women who have lost hope. Some have suggested that the experience of this young Chinese woman, who did not want to be named, suggests that if we crave something badly, it will get there no matter how late.

Story Highlights: social media debate over Chinese wife who gave birth after 26 miscarriages

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