Bodegueros call for actions against insecurity in their establishments due to recent acts of violence in New York | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

man died on the same sideof Route 46 in front ofa 16-year-old winemaker fightsfor his life after beingshot in the head on Saturdayin brooklyn.of the subjects who wereseen when they left the placeafter the incident.filippo ferreti living room ainvestigate what they are protectedof crime is the winemakersof our community and whatthey are asking atauthorities.filipo: of all the little onesbusinesses, the wineries are thewhich wings are exposed tohealth risks, becausemany of them closed thislate. that’s why we got to thistrade to know what’s going onWith is the problem withwarehouse security?>> we have a problemterrible security forwineries. we are facing theworst insecurity crisis innew york city.Philip: Much has been said aboutinstall buttons in the cellarsof emergency. what do you think andwhere would you install them?>> the boón would install musehere, but the problem is not theboon, the problem is that thecop answer whenwe call it.Philip: How do you stop, there is>> I have the mark of theviolence that has left ainjured boy.It is difficult, we have cameras thatthey protect us a little, becausethe evidence remains, butwe want security.filipo: ¿qé ás tiene paradefend against a possiblemalefactor?>> a little stick aá.a friend gave me a couple ofthis.winemakers who have it indefense case.a friend of mine says thisit would help a lot.filipo: yes at this momentcenter an evildoer, sincethey are just a few steps thatseparate the money door from>> gave him the money, wewe are very exposed and we are 1easy point for’s not worth risking mylife, I want to do aof copia.we support the ya, nowe just need a better onecommunication with him


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