Chartres Métropole investment projects for 2022, renewal of Vert Marine: what to remember from the Community Council

The elected representatives of Chartres Métropole sat for the first time in the hemicycle of the administrative pole, this Monday, November 29. The meeting was largely devoted to the debate on the budgetary orientations for the year 2022.
Franck Masselus, vice president of the Agglomeration in charge of finances, presented the roadmap for the community for the next three years.

What are the main investments programmed by Chartres Métropole?

All budgets combined, the Agglomeration plans to invest € 227 million (without the development budget) over the next three years. 97.17 M € of investments, including 32.5 M € for the main budget, are programmed for 2022.

The year 2022 will be marked by the continued construction of the cultural and sports complex on the site of the station hub. An envelope of 29 M€ is dedicated to this project.

The launch of the construction project for the new Exhibition, on the northeastern plateau of Chartres, initially scheduled for the end of 2021, has been postponed to the first quarter of 2022. € 7.15 million will be devoted to this in 2022. The provisional cost of the equipment has been reassessed from € 30 million to € 34 million.

“We were a little behind in the search for funding. We have the agreement of the Bank of the Territories on long loans. We are looking for other financial partners, ”explains Franck Masselus.

Project to create a property tax on buildings in Chartres Métropole: why they are in favor or not

In the field of transport, Chartres Métropole plans to invest € 3.7 million in 2022 for the development of the station hub and € 1 million for the high service level bus project.

The Agglomeration has also programmed € 3.5 million of investments in the waste budget, € 5.3 million in the sanitation budget and even € 11 million in the drinking water budget.

How will the tax rates evolve?

The rate of the new tax on built property, the creation of which had made waves in 2021, will remain unchanged at 7.5% in 2022. This tax should bring in 11.69 M € for the Agglomeration next year. .

The rate of the collection tax on household waste will be maintained at 11.5% and should allow the community to collect € 16.45 million.

On the side of public service tariffs, the executive is moving towards a 2% increase.

How did the debate go?

The debate which followed the presentation of the Agglomeration’s 2022 budgetary guidelines was short. Brigitte Cottereau, elected from Chartres Ecologie, was the only opposition advisor to ask for the floor. The elected representative denounced:

“You say that the debt of the main budget has not increased, but overall, the debt of the Agglomeration goes from 343 million euros to 373 million euros, an increase of 8.5%. “

Brigitte Cottereau (elected from Chartres Ecology)

The elected believes that the projects of the cultural and sports complex and the exhibition center “could have been carried out at more modest costs if they had been located elsewhere”.

Where is the construction of the Chartres cultural and sports complex?

On the issue of debt, Jean-Pierre Gorges, president of Chartres Métropole, replied:

“You add cabbages and carrots. The main budget has nothing to do with the transport or drinking water budget. Depreciation is different. “

Jean-Pierre Gorges (president of Chartres Métropole)

The executive defended its choices on the location of major equipment. “The cultural and sports complex would have cost more if we had done it outside. If we had not done it next to the station, the Region would not have financed it, ”explained Jean-Pierre Gorges.

Chartres Métropole’s original 2022 budget will be put to the vote of elected officials on Thursday, December 15, at the next community council.

Marine green renewed. The elected representatives of Chartres Métropole approved by a majority of votes (90 for and 5 abstentions) the choice of the company Vert Marine for the operation and management of the L’Odyssée aquatic complex and the Vauroux swimming pool, for a period of 6 years, from January 1, 2022, under a service concession. Vert Marine, which has been operating the Odyssey since it opened in 2009, was in competition with the company ADL Récréa, which operates the Vauroux swimming pool in Mainvilliers.

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