Bochum is the most polite city in Germany

19 cities in the test

A study has determined the most polite and the most impolite cities in Germany. Bochum is also among the nineteen cities.

Bochum – A study by the market research company Censuswide took a close look at several German cities and found out which city is said to be the most polite and which the rudest in the country. Numerous criteria were taken into account. Bochum’s result might surprise some people.

Bochum in comparison: Study proclaims the most polite city in Germany

A total of nineteen cities took part in the study. In addition to Bochum, where a “1000 meter promenade” like in Rotterdam is to be built in the future, also places like Dortmund, Essen, Munster and Dusseldorf. But cities outside of NRW were not spared either. Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt also became part of the experiment. But how exactly did it all work?

In order to put the “politeness” of the respective cities to the test, several residents of a respective city were interviewed on various topics, such as the website reported. Ultimately, these criteria determined whether a city and its inhabitants are polite or impolite:

  • Using your cell phone in public
  • Don’t let people through in public
  • Do not brake near pedestrians
  • noise in public
  • pay no attention to strangers
  • Watch videos in public
  • Using loudspeakers to make calls in public
  • Closed body language
  • Not respecting personal space
  • Rudeness towards the service staff
  • Don’t tip
  • Jump in queues

Study determines the politest city in Germany: Bochum performs particularly well

In the study by the market research company Censuswide, Bochum took first place and thus received the title of “Germany’s most polite city” – followed by Bremen and Hanover. The city itself proudly announces this on Instagram and writes: “We achieved the best rating in six categories and thus leave Hamburg, Nuremberg and Co. behind us.”

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Other cities fared significantly worse. The flop 3 cities include Dresden and Frankfurt. Food was the worst. In particular, the categories “Busy on cellphones in public” and “Noise in public” contributed to this result.

According to the study, these two problems are a generally widespread problem in Germany. In addition, foreigners are given too little attention.

Study proclaims Germany’s most polite city: Newcomers ruder than locals?

The study also shows that newcomers are less polite than locals. At least 24.20 percent of those surveyed said so. 19.21 percent, on the other hand, think that locals are less polite. However, it is unclear how the respondents determine this. The remaining 56.59 percent don’t see any difference or don’t know it.

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