A Plovdiv woman roared after a fine stuck on the glass

Hello, I would like to ask you about the working methods of the mobile groups that fine improperly parked cars, writes a reader of Plovdiv24.bg.

And explains in detail:

“Which I’m not against – but I don’t find it civilized to stick the fines on the windows with adhesives that can’t be removed afterwards.

In normal countries and cities (this happened to me only in Plovdiv, I don’t know that there are such mobile groups with glue in other cities of Bulgaria) the fines are under the wipers or you simply receive a message – that you have been fined by the National Revenue Agency.

Or you find your car with clamps, and after releasing the car and paying a fine, which is lower in the capital than in Plovdiv, there is no glass left that needs to be cleaned.

Is it normal in the 21st century for such punitive actions to exist with such methods. I am also attaching 2 photos of a similar fine”.

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