Bloody ambush in Izmir: 2 dead

Izmiran armed attack similar to the one that can be found in film scripts took place. The incident occurred today on 23rd ranks İnönü Street. A group of identities not yet identified, ambushed on the street began to wait for a car. In the meantime, the group of white cars from the street seeing the group, fired one after another from the waist guns. Increasing the speed of the attacked car driver away from the region, incidentally passing the street courier Sadullah Serkan Kara (32) and another car Lokman Cakir (40), seriously injured as a result of the fire opened by the group.


While gunfire caused panic and fear around, the armed group quickly escaped from the scene. Upon the notification of the surrounding citizens, a large number of police and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. Police teams, closing the street traffic, medical teams intervened in the wounded. Cakir and Kara taken from the ambulance, Izmir Katip Celebi University Training and Research Hospital. According to DHA; where the wounded received treatment, despite the interventions could not be saved. Çakır and Kara’s lifeless bodies, the prosecutor’s examination after the Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute morgue was removed.


In the event that can be seen in similar films, the armed group’s bloody ambush was reflected in a workplace security camera second to second. In the images, the group waiting in the street, a white colored car comes out of the alley and starts firing one after the other. Motor courier Sadullah Serkan Kara appeared in the same street.
Police teams examining the workplace security cameras, identifying the identity of the driver of the white car fleeing the scene with the group performing the attack, launched a large-scale investigation.

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