Blocking of layoffs: “It will be a general strike”. The big M5S against Catalfo – La Stampa

ROMA. At the end of a day of quarrels and middle schoolattempted and failed actions, Giuseppe Conte found himself facing two notes. One, arrived in the morning, of the unions that threaten the general strike if the government does not extend the ban on layoffs until December 31st. The other, which arrived in the evening, from Confindustria, which warns the premier of the risks of “petrifying the entire economy in the state of the lockdown” if it were to capitulate to the demands of the CGIL, CISL and UIL. There is no simple solution, also because in the majority there are broken fractures, even within the parties, grappling with electoral anxieties and fears of losing social reference blocks. It is clear to everyone, first to Conte, that the choice is between two visions of the economy. The evening of negotiations goes too far and the Council of Ministers which must pass the August decree, containing the regulation on layoffs, provided for oggi, sled tomorrow evening or Saturday.

Yet the question seemed resolved, with a fairly simple compromise: the extension of the divthe dismissal would be until October 15, when the state of emergency would virtually end. The heads of delegation, the representatives of the majority parties and Conte had left Tuesday evening, with the promise to meet again in the morning to ratify an agreement that would have left some grumbling but which all in all seemed to be the only possible, despite the utmost opposition of the minister grillina del Lavoro Nunzia Catalfo, almost indulged by the colleagues of the Movement. A distance that, according to various sources, seems to justify in the eyes of not a few 5 Stars of government the need to replace Catalfo if it came to the reshuffle. While she is sided with the unions, to which she has given precise guarantees, other ministers of the M5S, the owner of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli above all, but also Luigi Di Maio, instead show themselves very sensitive to the reasons of the entrepreneurs and align themselves with the positions which at first seem to be majority also in the Pd.

In the morning, however, predictably, the ultimatum of the secretaries of CGIL CISL and UIL Maurizio Landini, Annamaria Furlan, Pierpaolo Bombardieri, and the already fragile draft agreement is overwhelmed by second thoughts. Also because the unions exhibit a weapon that terrifies the Democratic Party. On September 18, two days after the regional elections, they already have a joint initiative planned. «That it can be transformed into a general strike will depend only on the choices of the government and Confindustria. If the government did not extend the blockade of layoffs, it would assume all responsibility for the social conflict ». For dem secretary Nicola Zingaretti, already distressed by the outcome of the ballot box and the repercussions on his personal destiny, it would be catastrophe.

The Democratic Party is torn, on this and other. But even in the M5S there are those who argue that it would be folly to force companies to keep workers when they can’t make it because they are torn apart by the crisis. Only Italia Viva by Matteo Renzi and Leu are compact: one absolutely against the extension, the other absolutely favorable. But in the end the Pd secretariat, with the job manager Maro Miccoli, takes a position next to the unions. As compensation, Sure’s European credit line would help: “It could be available shortly, granting guarantees for resources on social safety nets throughout the winter.” It’s lunchtime. From here on it’s the impasse.

Conte convenes a summit, which is then suspended, waiting to be reconvened at night. Meanwhile, the CDM is moved. The premier asks the treasury minister Roberto Gualtieri to be updated on the possibility of increasing incentives for businesses to balance any extension. Every hour conquered becomes precious for its mediation. Also because on the August decree there are other issues to be resolved, for example on time contracts and the suspension of the Dignity Decree. But above all because in the evening Confindustria’s counter-offensive on the unions arrives (“useless to evoke the general strike”) and reminds the premier of the document sent two weeks ago, containing all the reasons why the ban would no longer have reason to be: “It prevents business restructuring, investments and consequently new employment “. After months of clashes, the truce signed between Conte and the president of industrialists Carlo could end Bonomi.

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